Hey guys it’s been a while !!
Dont worry, we/re safe. Also we got that twenty bucks back off that customs dude in Corinto in case you were wondering.

Let’s see we were super glad to get out of corinto within two days, gross industrial port.

We made pretty good time down the coast, going five or six knots, close hauled trying to ley the waypoint which we couldn.t quite do, probably fifteen degrees off or so… The winds are like  more or less offshore but not quite and so you never seem to quite manage to get where you wanna go, and tacking back into shore always feels bad becuase suddenly you’re going back the way you came, but now i’ve figured out its always best to tack back in because suddenly the waves start getting pretty gnarly and you’re bashing up into them. Plus i feel like the wind comes more on the nose a bit further out.

Anyway so going five or six knots and trying to pinch it but not too much, we catch a nice little bluefin tuna and eat some avocado on crackers also, and we sail and sail and we/re like, faaa, at this rate we’ll be sailing straight into san juan del sur by morning ! Nice.

The sun goes down and suddenly all kind of lights show up on the horizon, this is super confusing because we are pretty sure that the land doesn.t extend that far out, we check the gps points again and redo the waypoints and all sorts, I am pretty sure they are not camaroneros, the shrimping boats, because they’re not all crazy lit up and moving around, but pretty bright and are they getting closer really quickly question mark. Well soon enough we figure out its just a fleet of pangas fishing with crazy bright lights, and we manage to sail around them and not hit anyone, which is always nice. So its all night time and the wind kind of goes all crazy, starts dying down and clocking around all different angles, you guys know i like to sail as much as possible so it.s killing me because once in a while there will be a good gust for a while that’ll get us moving pretty good, and it dies down again, and it continues in this pattern for a while… we motor for a bit and then we sail again as it picks up ,, the papagayos dont care at all whether it.s night or day, they just kind of blow whenever they want to. So it;s like four a.m. and we reef down the main because its picking up more, a few miles offshore by now becasue we didnt wanna tack backwards into shore and then when its dark heading towards shore at all is always a nervewracking feeling. At like four thirty i hear a horrible noise that can only be one thing, and that is the mainsail tearing. Arrgh. So we pull it down quick as, put up the working jib and motorsail back in towards land, to get away from the swells that the winds have been whipping up . Luckily we are only twelve miles from Astillero, an anchorage which heard is good from other cruisers on the net. I figure we can get there in a few hours easy.

This is not the case, you guys, it’s not the case at all. The winds coming dead on the nose, exactly from where we wanna be going, and it’s so windy you guys, its like thirty which means gusts of like fourty five or upwards, man, i don’t even know, it’s just really freaken windy. We decide to just motor for it because by now we/re like eight miles away, that’s pretty close, that’s really close. However !! We/re motoring upwind, against teh waves, against teh howling winds, and we can only make like one and a half knots. Average that out you guys eight miles is suddenly a reeeaaaallly long way. Mikaelas steering and i’m holding on to the seahorse trying to keep it straight, we’re going full throttle and we go between two knots and one and a half knots, the anchorage is right there, it’s just ahead of us for sooo long and it takes us many hours to finally make it, it’s not till we’re right up in there that the swells die down a bit and we are so relieved to throw the anchor overboard and race up to the bow to cleat it off , anchorings always a bit more stressful in high winds.

And we just die , again…Standing watch and sailing and tearing sails is also a bit stressful in high winds, which means super tiring, so we just kinda pass out, pretty relieved.

And we spend the next, i don’t know, three or four days there?? It’s so windy we cant even consider trying to row ashore and we just kind of hole up in the boat, sewing up the tear in the mainsail and trying to put the boat back together, sleeping and reading, listening to the weather for a break in teh winds. There.s a navy force there in Astilllero, who you’re supposed to check in with, but we did not do that and on the second day dude comes out to us and checks us out, tells us off for a long time for not checking in with him. I played the dumb card, well, I didn’t know, and he said, Yeah, it says on your GPS and your charts that we’re here. Hahah you wanna see my charts and my GPS? i say. The guy, man, all i can say is that the guy must have been a weirdo. First he wants to see our passports, OK, but he asks us, you dont travel with any men? Why dont you have any guys on the boat? Well no dude i say, what would we need them for. He wants to see the GPS and the VHF and all that stuff, fair enough, he wants to know if i have a first aid kit, so i show him that, and he says, you gotta have a first aid kit, beacuse there;s no hospitals out there in the ocean. That just made me a bit angry for some reason!! Am i that dumb? Dude, ive been sailing around in this boat for like nine months, i say, i know the deal. Faaa. He says, okay, well you guys are not allowed to go on shore. What i say, I need to get water and food and stuff. Okay he says well you have to advise me, call me on the VHF before you go on shore. What the. I just wanna get this guy off my boat now, so i say, whatever you say. Well, he says, this time, I’ll only charge you ten bucks. Which is, you know, totally illegal, he’s got no authority to charge us money. But what can you do, so I used half the money I got back off the customs official in Corinto to get him off the boat. Whatever, crazy official dudes doing their thing. Well the next day some nice fishermen gave us like five lobsters which was super nice! And we get a ride into the beach with them to stock up with water and ice adn fizzy drinks and all that. Oops forgot to advise the navy dude though. Finally the wind lets up for a day, there/s two other boats in the bay so we all buddy boat together, making a break for San juan del sur early one morning, it’s only like twelve miles away so it’s a quick run, its like twenty knots or so again with breezier gusts, the kind of sailing where you can’t really do anything apart from sail so we/re freaking starving by the time we finally drop the hook in San juan del sur. Scoff some noodles, check the anchor and row in to sample the delights of shore life such as visiting the port captain. And eating burgers and checking out the internet and all that. We stayed in San Juan del Sur four or five days, stocking up, eating some good jalapeno chicken , checking out the nightlife which is fantastic if you enjoy listening to Gangnam style on repeat.

It got pretty windy in san juan del sur as well, one night it was like , borderline as to whether we could get ashore, but I am pretty good at rowing so I managed to get us in there. It was the getting back out to the boat that was the problem. But I managed to row us along the shore until we were parallel to the boat and then we just blew down towards Medusa at a few knots, luckily managed to grab her on the way past. Unluckily at this point the oar just popped right off Munter somehow and what do you know the oars gone. Oh we lost the oar I say, so mikaela lets go of the boat to save it in the dark… within seconds like twenty metres away from the boat and headed out to sea. I don’t have experience rowing with just one oar, in fact i don’t even think of it, I take off my raincoat and say, Allright I’ll swim us back. I jump overboard and try swimming and holding the painter and pulling us back, Mikaela starts paddling us back canoe style, who knows if we were actually making headway, but pretty soon i bump into something and what do you know. It’s the missing oar. So i yell and shout and jump back into Munter and struggle to row us back to safety…. tumble back in to the boat a bit shaky actually, that was, that was pretty scary for some reason. It would have been pretty embarrassing to have to grab onto one of the other cruisers boats on the way out of the bay I guess.

Anyway , the next night i didnt stow the oars on teh boat and it was so windy that Munter, hanging off the stern, did a number of flips during the night. So we lost the oars, the seat, a flotation cushion, both of my pairs of flip flops. That was it though.

So faaa the next day we catch teh water taxi in, Mikaela goes off to Ometepe for some land travelling, we wander around Rivas for a while, the nearest town, asking for oars but everyone looks at us like crazy. This may be kind of tricky.

Anyway, i give up, early the next morning I head off to Gigante, just north of San juan del sur. I’m bringing up the anchor in San juan del sur and i chuck it in the boat when the seahorse dies. Of course i’m anchored closest to the beach and the wind’s offshore so suddenly i find myself drifting aimlessly towards all kind of boats… I rush to raise the mainsail, which is getting caught in the spreaders and the shrouds becasue i’m drifting downwind, the halyard is caught around the mast light and it’s just not going up eh. I’m drifting past boats and they’re smiling and waving and saying Have a good time!! While i’m trying my hardest not to hit them and stressing out so much, shaking the halyard around which is not working. I finally give up and scramble below for the working jib, by now i’ve avoided all teh boats but i’m headed straight for a reef, which are on the list of things to avoid. It takes longer than i would like to hank on the jib and tie the bowlines but i get it up in time to avoid the reef and it takes me a second to calm down after that one. wheeewww.

But after that it was a pretty good sail, only about eight miles and a nice broad reach, I just cruised so close to the coastline cuz it was cool and also much calmer tucked right in there. I rounded the point here at Gigante and realised it would take me many hours to tack up into the anchorage against teh wind, tried the seahorse again adn got it working this time, nice one.

Its a beautiful spot here in Gigante !! My parents old mate Dale dagger lives here, they used to cruise around a bit together back then in 1981 so it’s cool to visit him in my own tiny little boat. He took me out for dinner and told me how his buddy sewed up his torn mainsail one time, but he did it wrong and it tore again. As he was telling the story I was like, hmmm, that sounds pretty similar to the technique I used to sew mine up. Haahaha so Dale’s setting me right, we’re patching up that sail good and proper, and charging up my battery which is acting up, plus the guy swum out to my boat with some oars so we got some oars! doing real good. Fella on the beach here reckons my engine problem is to do with the governer so we/re gonna go open the sea horse up in a bit and try and find this little governer and see if that makes a difference.

So yay for Gigante, it’s clear ish water here and pretty cool snorkeling, teh first day i was here i speared a pretty good parrot fish, there’s a couple of breaks just over there and there’s a bunch more over there and down there too, and it’s just chill nice small town living, with a decent population of gringos making little businesses here and there adn strolling around doing their things. It’s a pretty good base to fix up all the crazy bits on my boat and try and get everything all good. Good ol mikaela found me here too, after she returned from Ometepe, so we’re all reunited, don’t worry.
That old turnbuckle that fell off my boat back there in Bahia del sol? And we just rigged up a janky one?? getting a new one sent down from teh states which could be here in a  few days so that’s gonna be super good as well, it’s just such crazy winds round here that its not the greatest to be sailing round in a semi janky boat.

So good times again !! No gross industrial ports, no hiding out from the wind in the boat, no fuerza naval asking us for money, just strolling round this little town and getting a bit done here and there and meeting some super nice peeps !

Orright hows that for a blog post i am done with the internet cafe for a while i think! whew



This didnt seem to work last time so here it is again

Hey there Yay here we are in yet another country !!

Nice one Medusa. Let´s see we spent about a week and a half on Isla Meanguera in the Gulf of Fonseca recovering, fixing the boat, drinking coconuts, washing our clothes in the little spring there, chilling under the palm trees, swimming a lot, tried to go for a couple dives but the water wasn´t so clear. Bought some seasickness pills and a stash of ginger.

You guys when we were fixing up the boat on the land we were just working so so hard, just kind of getting everything done, most jobs never really end up being straightforward, you know? You get into it and suddenly you realise that all these other things need doing too, or you need to go to san salvador for this and that, or whatever. After a while something in me was like, this isn´t cool. I´m not into this, this whole boat thing, might not be for me. Then we got in the water and I lost that turnbuckle overboard and i could just see the whole trip crumbling in front of my eyes, i was like, this is never happening, i can´t stand this, why, so much effort, im just bashing my head against the wall. Then there was this sweet few hours after we got out of the lagoon and we were just drinking tea and rolling round in the swells and sailing along nicely. Of course it was only a few hours until mikaela succumbed to the seasickness and i spent like 24 hours really really really not wanting to be on the boat. 

So thats where i was at you guys, on the 31st in the afternoon we were just like, screw this island (although a beautiful island, a week´s enough), let´s go !! So five p.m. on New years eve we just skidded out of that anchorage, going about 5 knots downwind with just the main up ! Whooooo. Took us about sixteen hours to go the fifty something miles to Puerto Corinto, where we are now — for an hour or two we were going 6 knots, most of the time we were going between 4.5 and 5 knots, with only a few hours in the dead of the night and early morning where the wind quieted down enough for us to be sort of slidey sailing at two knots. You guys michaela didn´t even get sea sick!! We had these pills called Dramanyl and a ton of ginger and some fizzy drinks, all those things are good for the tummy eh. Nice it was a great sail! And i was like, huh, that´s right, this is better. We were just having a great time sailing along the coast there and checking out all the fireworks people were setting off ! Once or twice i thought i was gonna have to be dealing with some ghost ships and I´m not sure if they monitor channel 16 or not, in fact, it´s probably not much of a problem if you´re on a collision course with ghost ships becasue I don´t think they crash into you they sort of slide right over. Anyway they were fireworks though, lots and lots of fireworks. 

So we get in to puerto corinto in the a-m-, it´s just a big filthy port with big smokestacks everywhere and giant shipping containers and the filthy water, we can´t do our dishes eh. 

After a wee nap and all that we come in to visit the officials- i ask some dudes near where we park the dinghy how to get to the town and no’one even wants to look at us let alone talk to us. Pretty unfriendly eh. We find the immigration and those dudes and they seem to have no idea what to do with us.  Takes a few hours to sit around and get all that paperwork done, chat with the immigration official, the captain of the port, then we stroll down to customs, he doesnt do much, just asks for twenty bucks and says come back tomorrow for the reciept. It´s a holiday, he doesnt want to revise the boat like he´s supposed to, whatever.

We want to leave today so we get into town early, passing all the surly angry faces again as we cheerfully say good morning! hello!,  to visit the port captain and all of that again to advise them that we´re leaving, go to Customs to deal with that receipt and all that. It´s not a holiday today and there´s different people there. The receipt?? they say. What receipt? Who did you give money to? How much? What did this fella look like??? 

Hahahaha.. Fella scammed me out of twenty bucks !!! Nice one nicaragua. So the boss dude comes out, and he´s very embarrassed and ashamed, a little shaky, I describe the dude, and he calls him up, and he´s like, okay. Come back at noon, the guy will come down and give you the money back. Then this other dude will come and look over your boat. 

So maybe i will get that twenty bucks back, then i´m going to have to row a customs official out to my boat in Munter !!! Hahaha can´t wait for that one. I told them i only have a small dinghy but they got no idea what they´re in for eh.

So looks like we´re not leaving this port for a second, there´s a few days of slightly less windy winds, which I want to take advantage of, definitely don´t wanna chill in this port for like a week. It´s probably the only place where i´ve really felt like, uuurrrghhh, i´m not sure about being two girls sassing round in a little sail boat here. Once i felt a little bit like that ummm in that little anchorage just south of Puerto escondido, in oaxaca, but then i went ashore and chatted to the fishermen dudes and they helped me out here and there and gave me rides to the beach in their pangas and they were good peeps. Here you say hi, how do i get to this place and they´re really surly and strange. Yesterday a guy wanted to tow us out to the boat but i said no no no i want to row, and after i said that about ten times he got the picture. He was a little drunky i think. 

Sooooo might be another long haul to get down to, I don´t know, el astillero? San Juan del Sur?? Find some waves would be nice eh !!! So we´ll see how it goes you guys.  These winds are pretty good, it´s something to just be flying along with just the main up doing five knots. I wouldn´t mind if they didn´t get that much stronger though, I hope medusa´s up for it.  Just gotta keep that mainsheet attached to the boat this time eh !!

I´m not sure if these photos are working??

Creeewwwwwshes not sassy shes savage

Golfo de Fonseca

Isla meanguera is really pretty, Playa Majahual is great protection and i think its a cool place!


Okay you guys we got out of the freaken lagoon!!! We thought it would never happen and it did. For nine days we sanded, painted, scrubbed, took trips to San salvador to get parts made, buy replacements, get paint…. we went wiiiillld. Good ol mikaela works hard and we just went nuts, trying to get out of there. It felt pretty good to finally stretch out in our hammocks every night, by about the seventh day we legitimately went a little crazy with all the work adn the heat. Nevermind on the ninth day, we finally got it on the trailer, after much bargaining. Douche wanted two hundred bucks for me to borrow his trailer for half an hour. I couldnt even budge him that much i got him down to 100 then spent the next few nights waking up thinking about how i could have gotten him down more. Nevermind.
Then two or three days on the water fixing this and that’,, took us a little longer as we were totally exhausted by now, kept getting up to do stuff and then just falling asleep. mmnnuuurrrghghgh and there is no escaping the heat.

Then the freaken turnbuckle on the backstay just sort of slid right off just like that, i dont even know, I had the shrouds on loose after raising the mast, and had tightened the uppers and lowers but not the backstays for some reason, came back to the boat after a veggie and shower mission and whaddya know. The turnbuckle attaches the backstay to the boat you guys. I almost cried becasue Santos said it would take at least a month to get the new part. I explained the sitch to the other friendly cruisers in the bay and good ol Roy from Saucy Lady and Steve from Warren Peace (not war and peace as i originally thought) jury rigged up a large turnbuckle with large nuts and some cotter pins . Boom good enough i reckon, for now.

Anyway we had many various set backs getting the boat all set up but one day it looked like we were leaving !! I had a wonderful surprise checking out of the country, you guys, el salvador charges you one dollar per day that your boat is there. My boat was there for 280 dollars worth of days.

Yikes. The bar crossing, getting out over the swells, was actually pretty scary, we had three or four waves that were pretty gnarly but none broke on us and the little performed pretty well i reckon. Nice one!!!

Wheeeeee we were stoked, super stoked, finally out of the lagoon!! Yay we get to drink some tea and eat some sweet breads. Mikaela felt good steering, in fact she felt better steering. Great, best crew ever, steer away mikaeala, i said. After a few hours she said, hmmm. i feeel like puking. After about an hour she startted puking. And didnt stop. And just lay there curled up. We were bashing up into maybe a 3 foot swell with one or two other swells coming in from other directions so it wasn{t the calmest.
Good sailing though, kind of on the nose but we got some good angles, it switched a couple of times. Just managed to get past the other lagoon, jiquilisco, as night fell, watched out for breaking waves at sea as i knew the shallows came out quite far.

And just steered and steered and steered adn steered while mikaela acted like a dead body in the cockpit. The wind got stronger around 9 or 10 pm, i had to do some sail changes, Mikaela could barely hold the tiller let alone point us upwind so I could only raise the sails all janky and terrible, by 10 pm i was feeling pretty wasted, an hour or so later the wind gets up even more, 25 knots maybe, I try reefing the main but do such a manky job the booms all terrible in the cock´pit and the sails all wonky but i cant, i cant even do anything about it. Eveyr time mikaeala takes the tiller she dry heaves afterwards. on a tack heading further out to sea adn im getting nervous that we{re getting too far away from land, im scared if the wind just keeps picking up were just all screwed. I tried to like jibe or something, hard and scary in the wind, and boom the boom just smacks me in the nose eh. I scream like a freaken banshee, and the blood pisses out of my face, and i scream a few more times just out of pure anger. Soon i realise its not just my nostrils that are bleeding but the bridge of my nose too, mikaelas so sick she cant go down below for any first aid for me so i scrumble round and find a teatowel to mop up the blood and some bandaids. I take down teh mainsail and we have just the working jib up, tie the tiller off and we kind of scooty slide back towards land and slightly backwards away from our destination at like a mile an hour.  Oh hah i think just before then we do this jybe and ping the mainsheet just pings off the boom eh. No more mainsheet, which is one that i find useful so i{m bummed about that. We just kind of tie it back on janky janks. Uuuuurrrrrghghghghggh I want sooo oooooo oooo badly for Mikaela to stop the wind and stop the swells and we can all just sleep but instead i lie down for ten minute stretches, about four times, and then get up and keep sailing.  i was in a state you guys i felt so sorry for myself.

It is very frustrating sailing up wind, it keeps blowing all through the night and through the morning, by 8 am we{re nearly in the gulf of fonseca but its still choppy and gnarlyand blowing, we can{t sail to any destination cuz we{re too janky and we can{t motor becasue the seas are too big and i{ll just cavitate.

It sort of calms down, we reach some type of land, i just drop the anchor adn die, pass out completely-

whew. The next day ‘— merrry christmas!!! We get to isla meanguera, just a few hours of motoring, pop in to a hotel there adn eat the best meal eaten,, havent really eaten in teh last two days or so due to mikaeala being sick and me being chained to the tiller then too sleepy to eat.

Soooo o!!! In la union now, buying seasick pills, ginger, fizzy drink, and hopéfully we.ll work through this,

Otherwise, Who wants to meet me in the gulf of fonseca to crew for me !! Yew

Orright. Yay the two worst days of my life are over, hopefully all good after this, right !

Merry christmas !!

back in to it

Hey hello again!! I´m back ! Great nice one it was an awful trip from L.A you guys should never fly spirit airlines they´re terrible. Anyway after a little nap in the airport, I finally found my new creeew Mikaela in La libertad!! No waves so we hopped on a bus straight back to medusa. Yay she´s still here in dude´s field ! I almost couldnt remember the combo to unlock her haha but finally guessed right, and luckily she looked pretty dry inside. BUt filthy. I thought she was gonna be empty for like six months but there were sooo many parties going on in my boat. I guess most of the invitations went out to these creepy like slater millipede bugs and they had a good time, the spiders all decorated, and i bet the cockroaches crashed the party too but only a couple were stupid enought o die in there. <So, yay, dry bilge, but i literally spooned out masses of giant bug corpses. Gross. And i dont know what they did to flithy everything up but every surface was like coateed in like gross stuff. Remember that time tha tmy mum boiled the chicken bones to make stock and she left the stove on for like a weekeend?? And the whole house was coated in like chicken bone slime_?? It was similar to that.

So, boom, all groggy from teh plane and sweating from the heat but stoked to get back and meet up with mikaela whom i havent seen since like 2009, we were like let´s do it!so we basically just chucked evertyhing out of the boat. Everythings a bit mouldy and musty, unfortunately, smelly blankets and all that, so we strip off the cushion covers and stuff, we fill up munter with water to wash the big blankets and soak them — yay soaking my favourite cleaning method– we find a bunch of ants eating maggots in one of my sails (?¿?¿?) Everyone knows ants suck at parties so they probably came after that epic party with all the creepy crawlies. Take evertyhing out, check it out, everythings all over the lawn. I muck out some gross stuff in the boat and the sun goes down and we realize were crazy thirsty hungry so we go over to bahia del sol for good good showers, cold beers and some feeds, watch some lightning over there. It´s been a super dry rainy season apparantly. The wind springs up a little and i´m like, yeaaaah it used to tdo this every night , this little breeze happens adn then it would pour. Good thing it´s the dry season right. Okay yeah on our walk home it starts to rain and so we run and then we run faster and faster and faster and the rain comes more and more and more until its that saturating kind of rain. My backpack with all my clothes are outside. All the cushions are outside, all the blankets, all the everything. So madness trying to scramble the most important stuff inside, main hatch wide open, chucking things everywhere, we finally get the important bits in there, manage to put the hatch boards in and pull the main cover over to shut us in there, soaking wet,most of my backpack wet, no mattress cushions inside the boat cuz they´re all rinsing out in the rain. Welp. Nothin else to do but scrumble our damp clothes on the wooden V berth and kind of sleep : well i´d been sleeping in airports and flying around the previous 2 nights so i defintely passed out. Nice. Needless to say pretty luxury to string our hammocks up under the cocoonut trees last night. Whee. Although!!! In the rainy madness grabbing bags and all sorts a maaasive brown coconut fell from a very hgigh tree like ttwo  feet away from mikaelas head. That´s no bueno huh!! wargh.

SO anyway, next day dried everything out, mucking out some more, scrubbing away at blankets trying to get rid of mouldy smell, dousing the whole boat in dr. broenners tea tree oil soap , assessing any damage and what things need batteries adn all that stuff. Theres a lot of work to be done. So here i am in san salvador going shopping. FInding a guy to make me some stainless steel parts, finding some bottom paint, buying some food, bit here, bit there.

Oh you guys wanna hear somehting else gross, yesterday when i was soaking up all the bilge water after the rain– there was quite a bit — i get down to the bottom of the bilge and you know what is there___ A drowned gecko. soooo gross did you ever see that family guy when peter is trying to scoop up a dead frog with a shoebox lid__?? And it keeps sliding back down the wall all limp and floppy__¿¿ Exactly like that soooo gross.

PLus then i had to squeeze under the cockpit to undo the gudeons and there´s all these filthy puddles full of bug corpses and bug juice and i don´t even know

<Despite all this it´s super good to be back and feels goood to be getting in amongst it !! SO good to have company too !! gettin stuff dooone, hoping it won´t take that much longer than a week to get all this stuff done. But who knows. then launching time!!

So right on , let´s just see what happens next shall we….





Muckin out — transforming Munter into a washing machine


Okay so. Remember when I was pósting all about that lagoon that I couldnt get out of?? And that for sure pretty soon i was definitely gonna make it out? Yeah well surprise surprise i never made it out… I had to match up a bunch of different things – tides, weather, swell and crew availability- and in the end I never could quite get them to all line up, plus the magic 8 ball said I wouldnt get out. It.s a lot harder for my wee outboard to make it out the lagoon mouth than for a normal boat with an inboard, so the windows for me to be able to leave were few and far between. So after a time I gave up and began to search for places to haul out.

A bit of a disappointment not to be able to make it further down the coast, although i tried not to be disappointed, well, I was. But, nevermind, onwards. I eventually found a place with a guy called Dorado who told me that his buddy would put his boat in the water so I could use the trailer. Which was nice of him, but not that nice, because i was giving him fifty bucks to do it. Anyway so to time it with the tides we agreed: 6am the next morning. Perfect. I am tentatively stoked at this point because i really just wanna get my boat out of the water, get it all set, and get out of that freaken lagoon. Ok so great early in the morning get the boat out of the water sounds good and of course when something important is happening in my life early in the morning some freakish chain of events occurrs where i end up getting ravenously drunk. So that was fantastic but nevertheless I managed to get that boat on that trailer , more or less, and then Dorado and his dudes did all that dude stuff that dudes like to do when theres a problem to figure out. Somehow they managed to slide Medusa off the trailer and on to some tyres, and propped her up with a couple of sticks. As you see in the photo.

Then — well, not right then, after breakfast, then a nap, then a few card games, then a movie, and a sleep, then a trip to zacate, and the toolstore, and another movie — okay, so much, much later, came all the hard work.

Sanding sucks you guys. Sanding bottom paint sucks even worse. Sanding bottom paint while lying in mud and horseshit (dorado has a pony) and trying not to think about dengue fever from all the mosquitoes attacking you is THE WORST. Really it is. I considered wearing longsleeved things to cover myself up but I think I would have died of heat exhaustion.

And living on the boat on the hard really sucks too, it really does. It.s dirty, its buggy, its hard to wash the dishes, its hot, its filthy. So all of these things combined made me do a pretty half assed job on most of the things that needed doing – I tried, for a time, i really did, but the work just sucked so bad. So finally I snapped, I chucked everythign in the boat into garbage bags and ziplock bags, I wrapped a tarpaulin round the whole thing, then i chucked a bikini and a towel into my backpack, grabbed my board and got out of there.

So its not a very good feeling leaving the boat sort of half done, but you know what its a fantastic feeling to be here in el Tunco – it.s also a very good feeling to be not there, in the lagoon. I got the last room available in my favourite tiny hostel here on the beach, the swells up, I got nothin doin for the next couple of weeks and im stoked.

Also stoked to be headed back to California to see everyone ! And all that.

So, it{s been a pretty good six or so months on the boat and frankly I was pretty gutted to be stranded in that little lagoon, but it is what it is, and I am really looking forward to being able to come back down again in another six months or so to continue the saga !

The end for now


Back in the sea of cortez when it was a bit cooler…

Back in the sea of cortez when it was a bit cooler...

Showing off my nau jacket on the morning watch in the Sea of Cortez….