San Juan del sur…. still…

Hey guys sorry two of those photos are sideways, that´s annoying huh. I´m not sure if wordpress lets you flip them. Anyway those are photos of our crazy backstay turnbuckle !! Mach I worked for a long time, until it stopped working, and mikaela devised Mach II for the last five miles into San Juan so we could keep the mast pointing straight up, a good direction for the mast to point.  Now we have it all janky pretty similar to Mach I actually just with bigger cotter pins.

But you guys it´s not an ideal setup, that´s why we´ve been hanging around San Juan and Gigante for soooo freaken long. It´s been a month dudes it´s been a long month.  Remember i was like that turnbuckle should be here in a few short days. Ha. ha. aaahhh….Image

So it hasn´t been horrific though !! Look at that, that´s Gigante ! Nice one.  There´s some waves down teh coast there, usually we´d walk down for a bit of a beachie session, once we sailed down with a bunch of Germans and dutchies which was super fun, let´s see, we raced hermit crabs, we shot the shit a looot with the local gringos there… poor michaela spent a loooot of time on Medusa being sick like a dog, really badly sick for quite a while, but dont worry, she´s better now.

So it took a while to get everything sussed, peg out the sail and draw out the repairs so that the upholsterer in Rivas who fixed it could understand exactly what it was he was doing. Upholsterers don´t repair sails too often.  So the sail she is looking good ! Charged up the battery which was being funky, made a new seat for Munter, did all those ones, very very slowly of course. Ate some pikelets.

Poor mikaeala couldnt eat for like four days or so, just sprite for her, and one night she was like, i feel a little bit better today. I want to eat something. But you know what happened?? The propane ran out, we had no propane !! So i said to her i said, I´ll go in and get you a meal. I´ll even get myself one, I´ll bring em out here, we can eat em together! Chez Medusa.
That sounded nice, so off i rowed. Burgers were on the menu so i ordered some burgers, and i sat with the fellas at the bar shooting the shit and drinking a beer or two while i waited for the burgers. Finally the burgers came and the fellas said, You need a hand with that dinghy in the shorebreak?
Being the independent lady i am, i said, no no boys I am fine thank you very much. I am totally capable of rowing my own dinghy out to my own boat.

I thought i had it. Man i so thought i had it. i pushed the dinghy out, i ran and pushed it and hopped it and got in the seat and started rowing like mad and looked behind me and ohhh shiiiii theres a massive wave  i grabbed the burgers, i held them above my head, i hoped like hell i´d make it over …. suddenly i find myself in the water, underneath munter, the soggy burgers under there with me… I couldn´t believe i´d ruined the burgers, maybe they were just a bit soggy, i tried pushing the dinghy out more but a bigger wave whacked her down and we had a true yard sale then: the seat, both of the oars, floating around in between slices of tomato, lettuce and slowly sinking burger buns. Munters doing all sorts of twirly whirly flips towards the beach.
I´m not sure whether to laugh or cry, but i do know i can´t go back to the boat empty handed. I collect the oars and the seat and the dink and sop my way back to the bar so that every one could have a good laugh. Hhahaha. So ! I order more burgers and more beer and when all is ready i get pushed out the second time super mellow.
Michaela is like roaring with hunger when i get back to the boat and i have to be like girl you will never guess what happened so she can have a good laugh before she scoffs back her burger. mmmmm appetite.
So we did end up having one or two yard sales in the shorebreak on Gigante but that just makes things a bit more exciting huh. Although the water is freezing cold here !! Like really really cold, i was cleaning the bottom one day (my favourite job to do now that we have new bottom paint!!) And i was getting ice cream headaches !! No joke. Ouch.Yes well so that´s our news, a lot of hanging around in Gigante, we finally got a bit stir crazy and came down to San Juan, although in hindsight I´m not sure why because Gangnam style is generally not a good song to lull you to sleep and it plays non stop here till about three a.m. Of course with the wind being offshore we get maximum volume on that. Nice.
Okay dudes pray for our turnbuckle to get here soon as !! thanks!


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  1. Thank you, thank you, Naomi, for the excruciating blog! We FEEL your love! And what a great laugh. I think Michaela deserves a special crown for this one – that girl has been through a lot and still hasn’t thought to swim to shore & get the next bus to the nearest airport. Really appreciate janky turnbuckle pictures, too (they came through yay!!!) – now I know just how janky it is, so if you don’t get that stinkin’ turnbuckle I’ll send another one with Malcolm – that’s how worried I am after looking at your pictures. Love the picture of you sewing, btw, that’s a real keeper. Sounds like you’ve been a bit low on the fun meter lately – so hopefully you’ll get some soon. LOVE YOU!

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